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Huaihua city dragon fishing tackle co., LTDIs located in hunan province huaihua city zhongfang an emerging enterprises,In the company2014Years4On the investment380All registered。The early stage of the company has built factories7000Square meters,Existing staff of dozens of people。Hiring senior DiaoYou and r&d team composed of fishing gear production and technical personnel,The specialty is engaged in the bait,Fishing gear set...... [In more detail]

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Huaihua city dragon fishing tackle co., LTD
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Pass The true:0745-2931068
The ground The address:Huaihua city zhongfang industrial park of China
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Keep learning,The innovation spirit of pursuing new and change; Energetic and promising,Struggle of the spirit of hard work;
  Grow together,Seek common development...... [In more detail]